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STEM Capstone Defense
Lucila Garcia

STEM Biotechnology senior Lucila Garcia presented her STEM Capstone Defense, Special Topics in STEM, “Effect of Performance Series Sweet Corn Hybrid (Obsession II) on Escherichia coli Resistance to Penicillin-type Antibiotics” on Wednesday, May 15, based upon her year-long independent research. Miss Garcia will be majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona. Other students in CGUHS’s third graduating STEM cohort include: Rebecca Baker (Mechanical Engineering-Central Arizona College), Matthew D’souza (Robotics Engineering-Arizona State University), Colin Herbert (Electrical Engineering-University of Arizona), Arthur Leon (Computer Science-Arizona State University), Bailey Lindsay (Forensic Science-Central Arizona College), and Diego Villegas (Aerospace Engineering-Arizona State University). CGUHS STEM students are taught by John Morris.