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Welcome to the Attendance Department.

Please feel free to contact our Attendance Clerk, Sylvia Tapia, for inquiries. The VGHS attendance policy is listed below. Please refer to the Students & Parents​ tab for schedules and calendars.

​Attendance Policy


There are no parent excused tardies. Parents may NOT call the Attendance Office to excuse a tardy. Students arriving late to school should go directly to class. Since instructional time is priority importance, it is necessary that students be in class and prepared for the lesson to begin when the tardy bell rings. Students are expected to be in their classes when the last bell rings. Students will be considered tardy if they are not in their classroom in their assigned seat and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. Failure to be in class ten (10) minutes after the start of class will constitute an absence. This procedure is repeated each period of the day. Students will be assigned to Saturday School each time they accumulate 3 tardies in the same class each semester (Example: Saturday School will be given on the 4th tardy and then subsequently on every 3rd tardy after that.)


Students who are absent (undocumented) for more than 6 instructional days, during a given semester class, will lose credit in that class. On the 10th absence the computer will replace the grade with an “NC” for No Credit. Once a student has lost credit in a class, he or she must still attend that class. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Documented absences, school related absences, homebound and Out-of-School-Suspension DO NOT count against a student’s attendance record.

A. Documented Absences include:

• Court Documents
• Detention Documents
• Funeral Notice for Bereavement
• Immigration appointments
• Medical and Dental Notes

It is recommended that appointments be scheduled outside the regular school day.

B. Undocumented Absences include:

• Parent excused
• Unexcused

Documentation must be provided within 48 hours of a student’s return to class, Parents are still required to call the school or provide notes to explain absences. Parental note and/or phone call does not necessarily excuse an absence. Such absences WILL be counted against the student’s attendance record.

​10 Absences per class period = NO CREDIT in that class!

Consequences of Undocumented Absences may include:

• Saturday School
• Loss of parking privileges for the current semester and for the following semester
• Inability to attend field trips
• Loss of credit​

Attendance Secretary:
​Sylvia Tapia

(520) 876-9400 ext. 4130

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