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Welcome to the VGHS Discipline Department.

For any discipline related inquiries, please contact our discipline secretary, Jackie Stilwell. Our discipline policy and dress code are listed below.
Discipline Policy

The state law of Arizona makes the school responsible for the conduct and wellbeing of pupils from the time they get on the bus in the morning until they return home in the evening (no detours or stops).

The teacher is required by law to maintain a suitable environment for learning, and administrators have the responsibility for maintaining and facilitating the educational program. The administration is authorized to suspend students for cause.
Students are subject to discipline if infractions occur during any of the following:

1. Any Vista Grande High School activity/athletic event (home or away, day or night).

2. To and from school or school activities.

3. In classrooms.

Discipline Procedures and Consequences:

The following chart shows the minimum and maximum range of disciplinary action that will be taken for each problem area. These statements are guidelines only and do not limit the judgment of the administrator who must assess the situation and the student’s behavioral history. School rules apply when a student is attending school, on school grounds, at a school-sponsored event, traveling to or from school, or engaged in misconduct, that in any other manner affects the climate of the school.​




Alcohol, drugs, smoking, tobacco

The use, possession, or sale of alcoholic substance. The use (including inhalation) possession or sale of marijuana, drugs, narcotics, tobacco or harmful substances represented as such and related paraphernalia.



Intentional burning of school and personal property.



The inappropriate use of on automobile on school property.


Bomb threats/ Threats of violence or destruction

Making plans or participating in an act of violence against school property that represents a potential danger to students, staff or patrons of the district,



Cyber/ General Harassment

Intimidation of another student or staff member through verbal, written, gestures or electronic means.

Informal talk/Expulsion

Bus misuse

Not following designated bus rules

Conference/Bus and/or School Suspension


Copying the work of others and submitting it as your own, obtaining unauthorized and undocumented material from the Internet, or securing teacher materials or work in a dishonest or unauthorized way are all considered cheating.

First Offense:
Phone call to parents, zero on assignment. Second Offense:
Zero on assignment, referral for administration for a 3 day off campus

Classroom Disruption

The act of being involved in behavior that disrupts the educational process of other students in the classroom or disregarding the suggestions and corrective efforts by the teacher


Contribution to an unsafe environment

Knowingly and willingly withholding information leading to a dangerous situation and/or threatening the safety of self or others. This includes, but is not limited to, weapons, drugs, alcohol, and gang activity


Destruction of property/ Vandalism/ Graffiti

Destroying or damaging objects or materials belonging to the school, school personnel, or other persons.


Defiance of Authority/ Insubordina- tion

Refusal to comply with reasonable requests of school personnel or refusal to obey classroom and school rules.


Dress Code

Dressing in a manner that may result in a distraction or disruption of a safe environment. Attire that suggests requesting change of attire/ involvement in gang activity or any apparel that is suggestive, obscene or vulgar is prohibited.


Electronic information services

Misuse, abuse or blatant disregard of CGUHSD ETS guidelines and procedures.


Emergency Alarms

Activation of an emergency alarm.

Suspension/Expulsion-May result in criminal charges

Explosive Devices

The use, possession or sale of firecrackers or other explosive devices.

Suspension/Expulsion-May result in criminal charges


Asking for or demanding money or something of value from another person in return for protection or in connection with a threat.

Suspension/ Expulsion


Engaging in, or threatening physical contact for the purpose of causing harm to another person



Writing and using the signature or initials of another person



Participating in games or chance for the purpose of exchanging money or goods.


Gang Activity

Activities, acts, behaviors which display or imply gang affiliation or activity is strictly prohibited



Any act that injures, degrades, or disgraces (or tends to injure, degrade, or disgrace) any student


Inappropriate display of affection

Any intimate physical contact.



Leaving or depositing trash in places other than appropriate receptacles


Misrepresentation of the truth

Knowingly giving false information or information intended to mislead


Off campus violation

Leaving school grounds without checking with the office


Physical Assault

Physical attack by one person, or group of persons, upon another person who does not wish to engage in the conflict.


Profanity & Obscenity

The inappropriate use of language or a gesture


Sexual Harassment

The unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and any other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by a student to another student by a student to a staff member.


Student ID Cards

Not wearing ID properly or at all and receiving more than 1 temporary in a semester.

Warning/Saturday School


Late to class.

Saturday School/Suspension


Taking property or items that do not belong to you without consent.



The unauthorized presence of any student on a campus. If the student refuses to leave upon request, it is a violation of state law.


Truancy, ditching, and unexcused absence

Any absence not excused by a parent or legal guardian AND approved by the appropriate school official. Leaving campus or class without permission any time during the school day is a violation of the Closed Campus Rule established by the governing board.


Unauthorized Entry

The entering of student into an area without permission.


Vehicle Misuse

The inappropriate use of an automobile, bicycle, skateboard/skates, or any other type of vehicle on school property. Vehicles are allowed only in designated areas.


Verbal Assault

The use of verbal language and/or gestures such as calling names, degrading, screaming, threatening, criticizing, berating and humiliating with the intent to cause harm and/or distress.



Possession or threatening use of any weapon, real or simulated, is strictly prohibited.



​Discipline Secretary:
Jackie Stilwell
(520) 876-9400 ext. 4106

Assistant Principal:
Vance Danzy
(520) 876-9400 ext. 4105

Security Office:
(520) 876-9400 ext. 4138

​​Dress Code

Brief and Revealing clothing
Students must recognize that brief and revealing clothing are not appropriate apparel in school. The following guidelines are examples and do not cover all situations.

Students shall not wear:
• Tank tops
• Halter-tops
• Garments with spaghetti straps
• Strapless garments
• Shirts that reveal a student‟s back, midriff, or hips

Garments that are “see-through”, cut low, or expose one‟s midriff are not acceptable. Sleeveless garments must extend to the end of the shoulders and fit closely under the arms; undergarments (bras, boxer shorts, etc) must not be visible. Garments that are designed as sleepwear are also prohibited. Clothing must cover the entire buttocks and extend to at least the mid thigh to ensure modesty.

Vulgar, Offensive Messages
Students shall not wear clothing that contain messages that are vulgar, offensive, obscene, or libelous; that demean others on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability; that promote alcohol or drug use or violence; or are otherwise contrary to the school‟s educational mission.

Sagging Pants
Students shall not wear pants that, when fastened, sag or fit below the waist. All pants must fit around the waist (waist meaning above the hip bone) and be properly fastened.

Students shall not display head gear on campus, except for documented health reasons, religious, or military purpose. School activity-required head gear must be worn for uniform purposes only (i.e. band, baseball).

Gang Related Attire
Any attire or grooming deemed to be gang related is prohibited when such attire or grooming creates an atmosphere of threat, intimidation, or undue pressure or disrupts the educational process. This includes blue, red, and brown shoe laces, “do-rags”, and bandanas of any color. This also includes wearing of any solid colors i.e. all blue, brown, red, or any other color that may have any gang significance.

• Shoes must be worn at all times on campus according to state law and for student safety. No house slippers are allowed.
• Body piercing that is a safety hazard and/or hinders performance in a classroom is not allowed.
• Wallet chains are not allowed

Student/Parent Responsibility
Students and their parents/guardians have the responsibility to be aware of the school‟s dress code and conform to these requirements. VGHS reserves the right to add other restrictions if the school administration deems it necessary. If a student or parent has any questions about whether specific attire or accessories are in compliance with the dress code, they should contact an administrator prior to wearing such attire or accessories to ensure compliance.

Administrator Discretion
The school administration retains the final discretion to determine that the garment or accessory meets the dress code. Some exceptions may be made for uniforms, formal attire, and/or costumes.

Any student violating this policy is subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to a warning, confiscation of item(s), parent conference, lunch detention, community service, or Out-of-School suspension. In addition, the student will remove the garment or accessory and replace it with an appropriate alternative provided by the school, student or parent, depending upon the circumstances.​

​​Administration’s Discretion
​ The administration retains the right and privilege to issue consequences for acts of behavior not specifically stated herein and to alter any consequences, as they consider necessary. Furthermore, the administration reserves the right to amend any provisions in this handbook which they deem to be in the best interest of the educational process. We promise that students are the focus of all our efforts.
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